Justin Bieber loves Unite!

“The Cut” released an article in 2014 entitled “Justin Bieber uses a Fancy, Magical shampoo” revealing to fans that Bieber was using UNITE’s Luxury shampoo and conditioner. Since this article was written, Bieber has gone blonde, which left us all wondering what he uses to clean his iconic hair. He posted a video on Instagram of him and his friends around the kitchen counter, just hanging out. Upon further examination, you will find a bottle of shampoo on the counter. UNITE’s Blonda shampoo was spotted in the video and it is clear that this is what Justin is using to keep his hair bright and blonde. Blonda is a toning shampoo that removes and brassiness or yellow tones from the hair to keep it looking salon-fresh for long periods of time! Blonda is avaliable for purchase at Nicole Bryan and retails for $25!